table and candleschandelierIt is nearly three years since our daughter, Lauren, married her love, Josh, in May 2011. It was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful experience for us helping them bring their dreams of a magical day to reality.

It was to be a completely handmade wedding and they had very definite ideas about what they wanted which certainly streamlined the whole planning process. One of the requirements was a party (we weren’t allowed to use the word ‘reception’) venue lit completely with candlelight. Having booked the heritage listed Montville Village Hall, we set about working out how to make that happen. Lauren had spied some candle chandeliers that she liked on a blog, so we created our own interpretation of that idea.

hall with candles

We designed a hanging plywood frame that held seven oversize tealight holders which were just the right fit for 9 hour candles. (There was no way we wanted to be replacing candles part way through the night… there was way too much partying to be done!) We built eight of the hanging frames and another two that sat on the top tables that were removed to make space for a dance floor after the meal.

Using two lengths of galvanised metal clothesline running from the front to the back of the hall, we were able to suspend the chandeliers above the tables. This left plenty of space free on the tables for the wonderful platters of food served by the caterer. In the half light created by the candles, it appeared as if the chandeliers were hovering in space.

candles hangingcandles and grandparents

hall montville

The atmosphere in the hall was electric! We were surprised how much light candles can generate. Three years later, people are still talking about it!

candle chandelier for christmas

We have used the chandeliers on our own verandah since the wedding and they never fail to draw comments.

Several people have suggested that we should workshop the idea…so we have. In the workshop, you will be able to create the exact style of candle chandelier that we designed and built for that beautiful day in Montville. You can use your chandelier inside and out….suspended from hooks in your ceiling, from verandah beams, from tree branches or even from your Hills hoist!

And don’t keep it just for special events…celebrate the everyday!

(FYI….these are great outdoors as the deep glass holders provide lots of protection for the candles from breezes.)

Timber Candle Chadelier Workshop