Wedding bells will be ringing in August when Gavin and Vanessa tie the knot! It will be a wedding brim full of personality, character and style just like Gav (a rapidly rising star in Brisbane’s craft beer scene) and Vanessa (a soon-to-be lawyer).

Wedding buntingThey are well underway with their wedding preparations and today they visited Ministry of Handmade to learn how to make bunting for their country hall wedding. Armed with a bag full of vintage styled fabrics they were ready to learn the basics of bunting making so that they could continue on at home.

Wedding buntingAfter settling on a suitable size for the flags, we got to work with the rotary cutters and rulers to slice up all the fabric. Then it was onto the pinning and then the sewing. We had a bit of a production line happening with Gav and Vanessa both sharing the tasks including using the sewing machines. I must say that there is something wonderful about a man who will happily let you take photos of him cutting fabric and sewing!

sewing bunting flags

We used 24 flags on the first length of bunting with three each of the eight fabrics they had selected. The tape across the top is a long length of calico cut into a 5cm wide strip and then folded using my electric (bias) tape maker. Easy!

flags all made

Tape on the buntingA surprise inclusion in the fabric selection were two superhero prints (Superman and Wonder Woman) which are destined to be made into bunting for the Ladies and Gents toilets at the wedding!superhero buntingWe had a fun morning and between us completed a 6 metre length of bunting. Armed with new skills and the remaining flags already cut, Gavin and Vanessa can complete two more 6 metre lengths of the vintage inspired flags and the Superhero bunting. We parted, joking that their new bunting will be a part of their lives forever. Every event in their new life together can have the “bunting worthy?” measure applied…celebrating the purchase of their first home, their first wedding anniversary, the birth of their first baby, the opening of their first brewery…… Vanessa added “any gathering of friends is “bunting worthy!” My best wishes to them for a wonderful life together.

finished bunting

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