45/100: 100 Days of Making

JOE is finished!

We are making a collection of ottomans to go in our on-line store. They will all have a personality and a story. Different, quirky and fun, they will be designed to be signature pieces for your home or office. Today I stapled the fabric (see more of Lynne Tanner’s range @socialfabricau) in […]

40/100: 100 Days of Making

Retro Stool Rescue!!

This was such a quick easy makeover. Yesterday this stool was quite unremarkable… rusty metal legs, tired and worn yellow vinyl upholstery and a wobbly seat. Today it is looking so spiffy I could hug it!!!

My process was:

  1. Remove seat and take off old upholstery.
  2. Sand the metal frame.
  3. Spray the frame […]

31/100: 100 Days of Making

Piped Bench Seat Cushion!

I’ve just finished making this cover for a client. It is 1100mm long x 44cm wide. The fabric is a navy cotton linen blend, piped in the same fabric but in white. It is for a wicker seat in a home on the Gold Coast. The seat pad is the finished […]

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