64/100: 100 Days of Making

YAY!! Entry Courtyard Makeover!!

This project had been on “The List” for several years now and we have finally started!!! If you have visited Ministry of Handmade, you’d recognise this spot by our front entry. All the vegetation (Strelizias and Liriopes) has been removed and replanted down by the fire pit. The timber screen will […]

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58/100: 100 Days of Making


My early mornings and late afternoons over the last week have been spent in the garden. Slowly and by hand I have removed hundreds of rocks from the edges of our driveway so that I could clean out years of rotten leaves and flowers from the rows of Ivory Curl Flower trees that flank […]

3/100 Days of Making

In the garden…managed to grab this pic before I headed in from the rain this morning.

As part of our landscaping project in the backyard, we have just made a ramp for easy access for the wheelbarrow from our new games lawn to the lower part of the garden. We wanted to create a beach […]

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