74/100: 100 Days of Making

The site supervisor is back!

Reggie loves overseeing the makeover of the entry courtyard. Progress is a little slow but we are getting there!! This project basically involves gutting the entry courtyard before the fun part of rebuilding can begin. We have been unsure of what the new design will look like and took the […]

58/100: 100 Days of Making


My early mornings and late afternoons over the last week have been spent in the garden. Slowly and by hand I have removed hundreds of rocks from the edges of our driveway so that I could clean out years of rotten leaves and flowers from the rows of Ivory Curl Flower trees that flank […]

49/100: 100 Days of Making

Gardening, like so many other creative pursuits, provides multiple benefits.

Those that love their garden, like Maurice, talk about the joy of sinking your hands into the earth, the fulfilment that comes from nurturing and supporting plant life, the beautiful sense of physical tiredness that accompanies a good session in the yard, and the thrill […]

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