28/100: 100 Days of Making

Cane Chair Reborn

This chair was originally a kerbside find! It was minus cushions and the webbing was very stretched, although it was structurally sound. I replaced the webbing, added new foam and wadding, and gave it a general tidy up before offering it for sale on Instagram. The person who purchased it asked me […]

19/100: 100 Days of Making

Linen Lampshade. I finished off the rolled edge on this drum lampshade today so I that I would have a new 40cm drum shade sample.

At a workshop just prior to Christmas, someone fell in love with my other sample and asked if I would sell it to her for her beach house. It was […]

18/100: 100 Days of Making

Apple Pin Cushion!

This is a lovely way to use up scrap fabric and a nice “slow” and portable project if you choose to stitch it by hand. The first one of these that I made about four years ago was stitched on the machine, but this one and a couple of others I started […]

14/100: 100 Days of Making

The transformative power of paint! I like to think of our home as a work in progress. Friends often comment that nothing ever stays the same at our place!!!

This morning I screwed these cupboard doors back into place (there are actually eight of them and three big drawers). I have repainted them bit by […]

13/100: 100 Days of Making

I have always loved framing up interesting pieces for the wall. All through the Christmas break I have wanted to get to this but today is the day. I have a collection of old frames (mainly from op shops). I prefer these to new shop-bought frames which, although cheap, are usually not wood but […]

10/100: 100 Days of Making

Who doesn’t love the iconic TV chair? This morning I helped Kate finish off the cushions for her two matching TV chairs. We sat side by side sewing for a few hours, chatting about all sorts of things and drinking tea. I stitched one back cushion cover and Kate stitched the other.

A month or […]

3/100 Days of Making

In the garden…managed to grab this pic before I headed in from the rain this morning.

As part of our landscaping project in the backyard, we have just made a ramp for easy access for the wheelbarrow from our new games lawn to the lower part of the garden. We wanted to create a beach […]

2/100 Days of Making

I am making another shirt for Maurice.

We only have one theme for the shirts I make for him… loud and remarkable because why make a shirt that looks like it came from a store?

I have had this wonderful cotton poplin for a few years and often thought it was crying out to be used […]

1/100: 100 Days of Making

It begins today!

Four years ago when we first started Ministry of Handmade, I did a similar thing called 100 Days of Handmade. It was fabulous for helping me personally stay in a creative space and I loved the discipline.

So here we go again!! Today I finished two sets of full length curtains for our […]

Lampshade Revival

Kym and I had such fun today!

She arrived with her Marimekko fabric and old gooseneck lamp with a vision to restore the lamp to tie in with the two ottomans and a drum lampshade she had previously made in one of my workshops. The gooseneck lamp had been sourced by a friend and it […]

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