61/100: 100 Days of Making

Embroidered Cushion!

This is the second cushion I made for Aubrey’s play tent. This is a Prints Charming @printscharmingoriginalfabrics fabric like the other one. It is backed with denim and I embroidered some of the pink dots with chunky crochet cotton to add some texture.

54/100: 100 Days of Making

100 Days of Making - #542nd Birthday Cushion!

I am making a couple of very fun cushions for my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday in 10 days’ time. The cushions are part of a present and all will be revealed in a future post. This is a rectangular […]

100 Days of Handmade//Day 95//

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA//Encouraging another generation//

Who wouldn’t love a cushion with their own initial on it!

These six young ladies joined me today for a holiday workshop to create their own alphabet cushion covers. In they came, each with their own piece of lovely […]

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100 Days of Handmade//Day 76//


I love using fabric as gift wrapping, particularly when the gift is handmade and the recipient likes to craft!

This delightful doggy wrap holds a gift for a child (an alphabet cushion) and I know the family is […]

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100 Days of Handmade//Day 59//

Handmade-59‘C’ cushion is for…Carter

I made a gift for friends who have a new baby son. This photo was taken part way through the process.

The piping is made from leftover scraps of fabric joined together. I call it my “crazy piping”! The cushion […]

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