57/100: 100 Days of Making

Simple Open Weave Crochet Throw!

This is a lovely quick project….using 8 ply yarn, I am crocheting a small throw for No 1 granddaughter. It will be like a small child sized picnic rug that she can use in cubby houses, etc. I’m not using a pattern. It is simply a row of chain that […]

12/100: 100 Days of Making

The portability of crochet makes it so easy to craft “on the run!” I am sitting in a doctor’s waiting room while my dad has a check- up after his keyhole back surgery several weeks ago. My “go-to” waiting activity is usually crochet as it is so compact and easy to just pop into […]

100 Days of Handmade//Day 46//

Handmade-46Best-dressed succulent in town!

I had crocheted these stars in the lead-up to Christmas but hadn’t used them for anything. I saw them today in my studio and thought how lovely the texture of the string would look against terracotta and a lush succulent.

So […]

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