A note from Brisbane artist, Debra Hood:

“A house becomes a home when there is a light on.

Queenslander homes give us comfort, a sense of belonging and connection to our neighbourhood and a sense of nostalgia. As the moonlight peeps through lattice, lacework and tropical foliage we are gifted with subtle shadow play. The same delight is presented to us with the Ministry of Handmade Hero Lamp as the light filters through the linen, softening and changing the colours to give us a dreamy, familiar aesthetic.

It’s such a delight to see my work in this beautiful and bespoke object.

Thank you Julie and Maurice.”

[Photo credit: Mindi Cooke, The Design Files]


Debra Hood – Artist

Debra an accomplished and talented Brisbane-based artist.

We are so pleased to collaborate with her to bring you some genuine quality art in a unique and stunning format: the Hero Lamp. Together, we have produced a small range of prints to create a limited number of Hero Lamps.

Famous for her vibrant cityscapes, several of her works are now considered significant historical records of the architecture of Brisbane as some of the homes and other buildings depicted in her paintings have since been demolished or radically changed from the original.

Recently Debra featured in The Design Files, Australia’s largest design blog. You can view the blog post here.

Please check out some more of her work at Debra Hood Art