MuseumMaurice and I are in Germany for  a few weeks. Keeping mainly to the back roads, among our adventures we are seeking out businesses that support and endorse handmade.

Yesterday we visited the Franconian Homeland Museum (Handwerkerhais) in Rothenburg an old walled medieval city. The museum was in a house built between 1270 and 1300 and is basically unchanged from those times. The photo of the loom was taken on the ground floor and was the place of work for craftswomen who lived there. The house was also home to a range of other tradespeople including coopers, cobblers, potters, Julei with Karenbakers, soap makers plasterers, and bricklayer.

We also visited Shop 22 on Hafengasse and met Karen. She owns an awesome fabric shop. In her shop she sells fabric plus a range of items that she produces for sale – aprons, cushion covers, tablecloths, table runners, etc. She also makes curtains and soft furnishings to order. She loves textiles and learnt to sew from her mother when she was a child. Her work is beautiful and the shop is captivating. A lot of what she sells is distinctly European in Karen's Shopflavour and the vibe of the shop is wonderful .

Karen works long hours and her shop is open 6 1/2  days per week. May to December is her main season with December being her biggest month. Even though December is in winter, Rothenburg is home to a massive Christmas Market that brings thousands of tourists.

In March, when it is quiet, she attends the textile market in Frankfurt, one of the largest in Europe. It is here that she places wholesale orders for the coming months.

I told her all about Ministry of Handmade. She had quite a lot of questions. We chatted about our mutual love of fabrics and the joy that comes from handmade. A chance meeting on the other side of the world…lovely!!!

I bought some fabric from her…..European made of course!!!

karen4  karen2