What makes a great workshop project!

When I am working on ideas for new workshop projects, I have a set of criteria that I work through. My No 1 goal, however, is to have a happy folk at the end of the workshop with new skills learned and a lovely product to take home.

Vintage FrockWhat are the steps I go through to assess if a project will work?

  1. Does the finished product have appeal to a good cross-section of people?
  2. Is the process of making it, easy to teach? (Can I break it down step-by-step into bite size pieces?)
  3. Will it be a fun workshop or are the steps just too complicated? (Remember, I want you to go home happy!!)
  4. Can it be accomplished in a reasonable period of time?
  5. Are the materials required easy to source?

If the project is based on a commercial rompersewing pattern, I always test the pattern first. That means making it first to test it out. Some patterns are really user-friendly and some, to be honest, are just plain hard work. The “plain hard work” ones don’t get a look in here. I choose patterns that go together easily so that your confidence builds as you go along.

The pattern for vintage frock workshop is pure gold! It goes together like a dream! That is why I am so happy to use it! I am currently testing a group of children’s patterns. The designer has been a pattern-maker her whole working life so I figure they’ll be great, but I’ll still test them…to be sure, to be sure!!

If a workshop project is based on a pattern that Handmade-49I create, I will always make the steps simple and straight forward. I want you to be able to recreate it again at home if you wish!

My workshops are about empowering people by teaching new skills or refreshing skills that may have laid dormant since “home ec” days or when Grandma taught you to sew.

My list of potential projects is long and full of fun ideas! It includes: screen-printing, recovering lampshades, basic upholstery, book-binding, applique and more.  Things often take longer to make it onto the calendar than I would like, but just be assured I am working through my quality control processes!

daisy dressThe upholstered bedhead is making its way to the top of the list! There is lots of interest in that workshop.

If you have any suggestions for future workshops, please let me know! All suggestions are welcome!!