We love events!

You can host your own event or you can attend one of ours.

Our event

Makers Escape Montville

Makers Escape

A three-day event with a variety of workshops where you choose your own program.

Do you need a creative escape?

We all need time to just stop. To feed ourselves. To disappear into creative reveries. It’s time to recharge your creativity.

Our workshop program allows you to choose how you want to spend your creative time. Will one workshop provide the soothing balm your soul needs? Or do you want to immerse yourself in a program of two, three, four or more workshops to make sure you receive that recharge you know you’d love?

It’s a chance for you to unwind, smile and feel good about yourself!

That is Makers Escape

Please note: at the moment we do not have plans for another Makers Escape (sorry).

Your event

Your lampshade event at your location*

We can travel to you with our suite of lampshade workshops!

Your event can include:

  • Essential Lampshades (drums and empires)
  • Rocket and Hero Lamps
  • Scallop Shades
  • Soft Shades
  • Pleated Shades

Our experience includes delivering workshops for community groups and organisations as well as individuals.

*Outside the Brisbane area.

If you are thinking of hosting your own lampshade making event then this information sheet may be helpful:

Hosting a workshop
information sheet

Your lampshade event at our studio

Celebrate a special occasion or just get together with your friends for a creative lampshade workshop at our studio.

We are flexible and are confident we can design an event that will suit you and your friends.

Having a private workshop at our studio means you have access to a really large range of lampshade styles and sizes, catering options and a flexible time period. Would you like a morning, an afternoon, all day, or just the evening? We can cater or you can cater.