We love events!

You can host your own event or you can attend one of ours.

Your event

Your event at your location

We can travel to you!

Your event can be from a single workshop to a full-on two to three-day workshop program.

Our experience includes delivering workshops for community groups and organisations as well as individuals.

If you are thinking of hosting your own event then this information sheet may be helpful:

Hosting a workshop
information sheet

Your event at our studio

Celebrate a special occasion or just get together with your friends for a creative session at our studio.

We are flexible and are confident we can design an event that will suit you and your friends.

Having a private workshop at our studio means you have access to a really large range of workshops, catering options and a flexible time period. Would you like a morning, an afternoon, all day, or just the evening? We can cater or you can cater.

Our events

We have two types

A flexible three-day program called Makers Recharge and an all inclusive three-day creative immersion called Makers Escape.

Makers Recharge

Do you need a creative recharge?

We all need time to just stop. To feed ourselves. To disappear into creative reveries. It’s time for a recharge.

This time – you are in control. You choose how you want to spend your creative time. Will one workshop provide the soothing balm your soul needs? Or do you want to immerse yourself in a program of two, three, four or more workshops to make sure you receive that recharge you know you’d love?

It’s a chance for you to unwind, smile and feel good about yourself!

That is Makers Recharge

Makers Recharge is a flexible workshop program in a great location. 

Key features:

  • Cost is for workshops only and includes morning and/or afternoon teas
  • Each participant registers for the workshops they want to do
  • Accommodation and meals are at your own expense if you choose to stay to attend multiple workshops
  • We can run a Makers Recharge almost anywhere in Australia


:( We don’t have one planned at the moment

Makers Escape

Do you ever feel like escaping?

Let’s face it . . . most of us are busy, stressed, tired, caught up in the daily routine of children, grandchildren, work, parents, mortgages and life in general..

Imagine an event . . . where you can leave behind the cares of your every day for a week-end and nurture your creative spirit . . . where you can celebrate slow, immerse yourself in making, enjoy great food and make new friends. Where time stops still for a couple of days and you can unwind, chat, think and sit!

Where your hands play and your heart sings!

That is Makers Escape 

Makers Escape offers a fabulous time away in a great location. They feature opportunities to relax, create, talk, meet kindred spirits and reconnect with your inner self

Key features:

  • All inclusive package includes accommodation, meals, workshops, activities and entertainment
  • Each participant registers for the whole event
  • Options are for accommodation type only – single, twin share, etc
  • Limited to a small number of participants – less than 40
  • Opportunity for participants to showcase their own creative work

We don’t have a Makers Escape
planned at the moment