Congratulations – your journey continues!

This sleeve module opens up so many possibilities for you.

Have fun!

ModularME Sleeve Module

ModularME 3/4 Sleeve Module (affectionately called ‘flat white’ – explanation inside the instructions) is the first module to add to your ModularME modular pattern system . . . it’s the first module to extend the possibilities of your own personalised wardrobe.

This page contains all the resources you need to use the ModularME 3/4 Sleeve Module.

Latest release!
Since the launch of ModularME we have made a few improvements to this 3/4 Sleeve Module and the ModularME #1 base pattern. This is in response to some valued feedback.

It is common practice in the fashion industry to refine patterns to ensure they suit as many people as possible!

If you wish to, you can download the latest release of ModularME #1 base pattern here:



Please download and read through these instructions before starting to use the ModularME 3/4 Sleeve Module. You can then move on to step 2 – downloading the PDF files.


The PDF pattern files

The ModularME 3/4 Sleeve Module pattern has two files:

  • Pattern – sizes A to G
  • Pattern – sizes E to K

Please download them by clicking on the big green download button below. Save the pattern for printing and use at a later date. Refer to the instructions before starting to use the ModularME 3/4 Sleeve Module.

Change log

Version Date Changes made
v2.0 2 November 2021 Revised the larger sizes, added colour
v1.0 10 May 2020 Initial release


The video

Here’s a short video to help explain joining the sleeve module to your ModularME top.

Attaching the sleeve