Welcome to your very own sewing journey.

ModularME #1 is the first pattern in the ModularME modular pattern system . . . a pattern system that guides you through sewing techniques while building skills and confidence to create your own personalised wardrobe.

This page contains all the resources you need to make your first ModularME garment.

ModularME Sewing System



Please download and read through these instructions before starting to make your first ModularME garment. You can then move on to step 2 – downloading the PDF files.

Please note: The instructions have been updated to version 2.0.


The PDF pattern files

The ModularME #1 base pattern has two files suitable for home printing:

  • Pattern – sizes A to G
  • Pattern – sizes E to K

These files can print on to A4 paper or US Letter paper.

As an option, we also have the pattern available for commercial printing – using OfficeWorks, Snap Printing, KwikKopy, Xerox, Staples, etc.

  • A0 Pattern – sizes A to G
  • A0 Pattern – sizes E to K

These files print on to A0 (1189mm x 841mm) paper.

Calculate your size
Please use this chart as a guide to choosing the size that most suits you.

Download by clicking on the appropriate download button below. Save the pattern for printing and use at a later date. Please refer to the instructions before starting to make your first ModularME garment.

For home printing

For commercial printing

Change log

Version Date Changes made
Coloured Patterns
v1.0 27 August 2021 Changes to all 4 pattern files: refined side seams, added bust adjustment for larger sizes, converted sizes to alphabet range A to K.
Revised size ranges
v1.1 25 May 2020 Changes to all 4 pattern files: added sizes next to darts, ensured consistent line types per size
v1 16 May 20920 Commercial printing option added – Size A0
v1 15 May 2020 Each file has an increased size range. Smaller size now spans sizes 6 to 18, and larger size spans sizes 14 to 26.
Original files Pattern sizes 6 to 16 and sizes 18 to 26
v2 07 May 2020 Refined under arm curve, updated page numbering, adjusted pattern alignment on page
v1 24 April 2020 Initial release


The videos

We have put some short videos together to help explain some important steps in getting the most out of your ModularME pattern.

If more videos are needed we will be adding more. Be sure to give us some feedback!

Video 1 – How to measure your body

Video 2 – How to choose the right size

Video 3 – How to adjust your pattern

Video 4 – How to make a muslin or a toile

Video 5 – How to transfer dart markings from the pattern to the fabric

Video 6 – How to sew the darts

Video 7 – Understitching the facing