It’s been quite a while since I have done a post (OOPS!), but life has been rather hectic!

I am excited to share this new product with you.


SunnyBoy! - Bean Seat

Our existing Bean Seat workshop has been one of our most popular. I guess this is because people like making functional items for their families and friends. I love the Bean Seat, but was keen to design something that was easier and quicker to make. I also wanted to have a new bean bag product that had a liner so that the cover could be removed for washing without getting the bean bag beans everywhere.

So, here is SunnyBoy! He is reminiscent of one of those old-school tetra packs of juice (Do you remember those as a child? They were especially wonderful if frozen). This new bean bag is fun, fast and simple to make and, I think, very stylish! I love the edgy symmetry of it, the easy grab handle, the simple piped front edge and the square cut back edge. It is light and easy to carry around.

Specifications: The outer has a velcro closure on the bottom. The calico liner has a zip closure. All the sewing is straight lines. We will offer this in two sizes to suit up to seven years of age and twelve years of age. It could easily be scaled up for an adult. All the other details are on the website

In the next few weeks, SunnyBoy! will be available as a pattern so if you can’t make it to a workshop…no problem!