What is Makers Recharge : Pomona 2020

Our Sunshine Coast hinterland series of creative workshops in February 2020 has now passed!
Here’s what our flexible program contained:

  • 9 different creative workshops
  • 6 sessions over the three days
  • Attendees could select and pay for only the workshops they’d like to attend, any number from 1 – 6!

Stay tuned for our next Makers Recharge.

Typically, this is what our Makers Recharge program looks like . . .

Do you ever feel like a recharge?
Let’s face it . . . most of us are busy, stressed, tired, caught up in the daily routine of children, grandchildren, work, parents, mortgages and life in general.

Imagine an event . . . where you can leave behind the cares of your every day and nurture your creative spirit . . . where you can celebrate slow, immerse yourself in making, enjoy great food and make new friends. Where time stops still for a couple of days and you can unwind, chat, think and sit!

Where your hands play and your heart sings!
Makers Recharge is a three-day workshop event with the flexibility for you to choose attending between one and six workshops.

We all need time to just stop. To feed ourselves. To disappear into creative reveries. It’s time for a recharge.

 Storage Tote by Zenzero Design

At Makers Recharge you choose how you want to spend your creative time. Will one workshop provide the soothing balm your soul needs? Or do you want to immerse yourself in a program of two, three, four or more workshops to make sure you receive that recharge you know you’d love?

It’s a chance for you to unwind, smile and feel good about yourself!

That is Makers Recharge.

Where next?
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The Workshops

Workshops at Makers Recharge : Pomona 2020 has passed!

Here’s a snapshot of what we offered:

  • 6 workshop sessions
  • 9 different workshops
  • You choose to attend any number of workshops
  • Morning and afternoon teas are included

Attend 4 or more workshops and receive a special handmade gift.

Pomona Workshop Details

Workshop program:

Remember – you can book in for the workshops you want to attend but please do not book two workshops in the same session – it’s hard to do two workshops at once. Smile

Please note: All workshops are listed on our workshop page. To book in to any workshop please complete the workshop registration for that particular workshop. You can view all Pomona workshops using this link:

Look at all Pomona Workshops


If you’d like to stay in the local area there’s a range of options. As starting point please visit:

Other options recommended by Pomona Community House are:


All morning and afternoon teas are included in the workshops prices, however, lunches and dinners are at your own expense. We are fortunate that Pomona has a small but wonderful selection of cafes and dining options including the historic hotel.

Saturday Night: We’ll be having dinner at the fabulous new Pomona Distilling Co.

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