Kym and I had such fun today!

She arrived with her Marimekko fabric and old gooseneck lamp with a vision to restore the lamp to tie in with the two ottomans and a drum lampshade she had previously made in one of my workshops. The gooseneck lamp had been sourced by a friend and it was looking very battered and bruised! It was in need of a makeover!!

battered and bruised

The plan was to rebuild the shades as they were dented, marked, dusty and tired. We were going to reuse the ring sets but everything else would be new.

Step 1 Pull the shades apart so that we could trace off a pattern for the new shades. Fortunately they were both the same size so we only had to make one pattern. This was a tricky process as the glue originally used was SO STICKY and strong that I joked that you could use it to build an aircraft carrier.

gooseneck shades ready to pull apart

Step 2 We traced off the pattern we made onto the lampshade PVC, making two pieces the same.

Step 3 Cut the fabric to go onto the shades. Because Kim’s Marimekko fabric had such a huge pattern there was plenty of choice to maximise the features of the design. We ended up cutting both pieces from pretty much the same end, which left enough material for Kim (and me) to make a runner later on, to go on the top of her mid century sideboard.

 gooseneck pattern pieces

Step 4 From here, we stuck the lampshade PVC to the fabric, applied the double-sided tape to the ring sets and then rolled the shades into shape. Sorry no pics of this stage as it was all hands on deck, literally. It was such a fun part as well that we forgot about taking a photo!!!

lampshade revival goosnecks part done

Step5 Carefully fold and roll in all the raw edges around the rings. We did one each.

gooseneck lampshade green

Step 6 Put the shades back on the lamp and stand back and admire!! Kim was stoked!!!

finished gooseneck lampblue gooseneckgreen gooseneckfinished at homeHere are Kim’s Marimekko pieces at home collected together for a photo.  The Finnish fabric design ties in well with the mid century display cabinet. And how wonderful is it to new life breathed into old pieces of furniture?

Can’t wait to tackle more lampshade revival projects!!