Let’s make a tapered wavy edged lampshade.

Follow the instructions on these videos to create your own amazing shade!

Tapered Wavy Lampshade

Lampshade Sizes

  • Small – top 20cm diameter, bottom 30cm diameter, height 23cm
  • Medium – top 23cm diameter, bottom 35cm diameter, height 27cm
  • Large – top 25cm diameter, bottom 40cm diameter, height 30cm


This video explains the contents of the Tapered Wavy Lampshade kit and the tools and materials you’ll need before starting to make your lampshade.

Step 1

Setting up your fabric for creating a wavy edged shade. Includes aligning the PVC, marking and cutting the fabric.

Step 2

Attaching the double-sided tape to the rings.

Step 3

Rolling the shade.

Step 4

Creating the rolled edge.

Step 5

How to make the bias trim.

Step 6

How to attach the bias trim.