Ministry of Handmade DIY lampshade kits contain quality industry-standard lampshade materials to help you create your own fabulous lampshades. These are the same materials that we use in our very popular workshops and for the custom lampshade work we undertake for private and corporate clients.

If you want to buy individual lampshade materials you can buy them from our Lampshade Materials Page.

We have arguably the largest size range of lampshade kits in Australia:

  • 2 Hero lamps
  • 17 Drum shades
  • 10 Empire shades
  • 6 Pleated shades
  • 3 Rounded Rectangle shades
  • 1 Rocket lamp
  • 2 Gooseneck (Scuttle) shades

We also can make any size lampshade to order.

The sketches below shows some of the comparative sizes, their diameters and their heights.

Lampshade size chart

If you need a special size or like to check out our special selection of fabrics – please send us an email Smile