Looking for a great school project?

Lampshade making is perfect for:

  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Exploring design aesthetics
  • Working with multi-media (fabric, adhesive tapes, wire rings, lampshade PVC)
  • Endorsing the effort-based reward circuit
  • Real life application of mathematics: For example, circumference (C = 2πr)
  • Competency with accurate measuring (using rulers and tapes)

Our school kits come with everything you need (except fabric). Comprehensive instructions that are easy to follow are supported by video content.

Lampshade class project options

We can bundle lampshade kits to suit any class size or skill level.

The following popular sizes are available.

Drum shades:

  • 20cm diameter
  • 23cm diameter
  • 25cm diameter
  • 28cm diameter
  • 30cm diameter

Empire shades:

  • 18cm top/25cm bottom
  • 20cm top/30cm bottom
  • 25cm top/35cm bottom

In addition to these, we have over 60 different sizes and styles of lampshade kits available, so you are sure to find something that works for your class.

We can even mix’n’match different kits!

We send our kits Australia wide.

Ask for a quote

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Number of students, year level, style and size of lampshade you would like to make