If all of the factories shut their doors, if the clock stopped and the noise went quiet, would that be terrifying?

No. That would be fun!

We long for a world that doesn’t adorn fast food, fast fashion, fast pills, fast ANYTHING.

We want to slow it down,
We want to grow our own,
Sew our own,
Cut our own,
Stitch our own,
Imagine our own.

We draw our inspiration from our surroundings, from music, from wine, from fire, from friends and conversations, from coffee and good books, from nature.

It’s the great slow pilgrimage, a slowjourn of sorts. The end is not important, it’s the pace at which you travel.

The slowjourn is our guide, the song that swallows our hearts and gives our hands a purpose.

It’s our Ministry of Handmade.



Handmade isn’t just something we do, it is something we live and breathe!

We are passionate about helping people get creative, work with their hands and learn new skills!
Our mission is to help develop the maker in every person that walks through our door.

Slow down…explore handmade!

We believe in the value of SLOW. In an increasingly fast paced world, we all need an antidote to the busyness of life. Working with our hands, creating something new, grounds us and calm our minds.

Joy is our currency!

Our greatest thrill is watching people experience the joy that comes from losing themselves in that space where time stands still …when your heart is singing and your hands have a purpose. And the joy that comes from leaving with a completed project!

Handmade with a modern twist!

Our workshop projects are contemporary and fun and appeal to all ages and skill levels.

We value resources

In our world of fast fashion, ever changing trends, rampant consumerism and a culture of disposability, we believe in the responsible use of the earth’s resources. We choose quality, durability and recycling instead of succumbing to sometimes cheaper and more convenient options that ultimately produce more landfill.

This viewpoint is reflected in the repurposing and recycling of garments, furniture, fabrics and materials around our home and our life.

Our studios

We are a boutique style business based in our home in Bridgeman Downs, on the northside of Brisbane. Set on a 1/3 acre block that adjoins a park and bushland you would never know we are only 12 kms from Brisbane CBD… could be forgiven for thinking we were in the a rural setting….our outlook is trees, trees and more trees, a veggie garden, a chook yard and an elevated games lawn…such a peaceful and relaxing environment to get creative!

From small beginnings in 2012, we now have three light airy studio spaces brimming with textiles and creative inspiration.

Our treetop deck and fire pit area are favourite spots when we need to spread out for workshops such as basket coiling, shibori dyeing and printing.

Who are we?

Julie and Maurice are Ministry of Handmade.

We met studying Architecture and Industrial Design at Queensland University of Technology last century and have been partners in life and work ever since.


Julie runs most of the workshops. She has been sewing for as long as she can remember. The daughter of a dressmaker, Julie jokes that she learned to count by sorting the contents of the “button tin” on the floor of her mother’s sewing room. Over the years she has also studied design, knitted, crocheted, made quilts, recovered lounge suites, renovated four houses, made furniture, refurbished lampshades, made curtains, done clothing alterations for boutiques, spun wool, assembled short runs of garments for award winning fashion designers, themed events and published books.


With a practical problem-solving mind, great hands-on skills and a creative flair for construction projects, Maurice provides the back end support for the workshops and the development of new furniture workshop ideas. He has a well-earned reputation as the baker of the home-baked treats that accompany each workshop and also looks after the vege garden, the chickens and the hive of native stingless bees!


Community Quilt Project

Over the last two years our wonderful network of supporters has been stitching quilts to aid victims of domestic violence. We do this by running community quilt making days.

[display_during end_day_time=”February 5, 2017 10:00 am” message=””]Our next Community Quilt Afternoon is on Saturday 4 March 2017.



We have supported the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation by raising funds at our Frocktail evening. A lot of fun and so worthwhile!

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