Art Series Ottomans

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Add an ottoman and change the room.

Ottomans are the perfect statement piece to add personality and character to a room. They are adaptable and versatile and can be used as footstools, extra seating, bedside tables and coffee tables. 

For about three years we have been teaching people how to upholster ottomans (with fabrics of their choice) in our workshops. The ottomans, along with our lampshade workshops, have been hugely popular.

As a natural development of this, we have now launched a range of bespoke handmade and limited-edition ottomans for sale. Working directly with some of the most inspiring and talented Australian textile artists and designers (both established and emerging), we’re proud to announce the first Ministry of Handmade Art Series.

Never before have we collaborated in such a way, so we’re truly excited to launch our selection of ottomans. In a variety of contemporary styles and sizes, they range from sleek and refined to eclectic and boho.  To accompany our bespoke ottomans, we can create to order a complementary range of lampshades and cushions. Talk to us about creating a special ottoman just for you. 

Our Ottomans

Size: 640mm diameter x 450mm high
Design: Paloma by Sarah Kalidis of Studio One Thirty
Fabric: 100% linen-look polyester
Legs: Black hairpin

Ottoman - Mustard Sprinkle by Cass DellerSize: 640mm diameter x 380mm high
Design: Mustard Sprinkle by Cass Deller of Cass Deller Design
Fabric: 100% cotton canvas with self piped piping
Legs: Angled stained timber

Size: 630mm diameter x 450mm high
Design: Kun-ronj by Jennifer Wurrkidj of Publisher Textiles
Fabric: 100% cotton/linen blend with black linen piping
Legs: Square cut and black stained timber

Size: 480mm diameter x 430mm high
Design: Connect (top) and Boardwalk (sides) by Julie Paterson of Cloth Fabric
Fabric: 100% cotton linen with grey denim piping
Legs: Recycled timber

Size: 780mm diameter x 390mm high
Design: Fuscia by Felicia Gibson of Home Dweller
Fabric: 100% organic cotton canvas
Legs: Casters

Ministry of Handmade Ottoman - Poppies
Ottoman - Poppies by Felicia Gibson

Size: 640mm diameter x 450mm high
Design: Poppies by Felicia Gibson of Home Dweller
Fabric: 100% organic cotton canvas
Legs: Black hairpin legs

Size: 480mm diameter x 460mm high
Design: Mint Cockatoo by Danielle Morton-Jallow and Michelle Morton of Bambambu
Fabric: Organic/cotton hemp blend
Legs: Black steel hairpins

Ottoman - Steel Cockatoo by Bambambu
Ottoman - Steel Cockatoo by Bambambu

Size: 480mm diameter x 460mm high
Design: Steel Cockatoo by Danielle Morton-Jallow and Michelle Morton of Bambambu
Fabric: Organic/cotton hemp blend
Legs: Retro style dark stained timber legs

Ramuk Midnight Ottoman by Josie AnnearSize: 800mm diameter x 410mm high
Design: Ramuk Midnight by Josie Annear of Slower Dawn
Fabric: Linen/hemp blend
Legs: Limed washed timber finished with bees wax



Our Artists

Whenever I’m asked what I like to do in my spare time, my answer is always the same: “I like being at home.” I’m a self-confessed homebody … or should I say, home dweller. My home brings me fulfilment, comfort and creative stimulation. 

With 20 years of experience as a graphic designer, I’m drawn to organic shapes, graphic patterns and natural materials. Given my love for both design and my home, I was inspired to create a quality homewares brand that incorporates these design elements and represents individuality.  

Home Dweller was also inspired by my family’s creative influences. I come from a family of makers – my grandmother and mother were keen sewers and cooks, and my father was a carpenter and builder. As a child, I loved hearing the gentle hum of my grandmother’s sewing machine, the comforting smell of homemade pasta sauce on the stove and watching my dad as he designed and built something from the ground up. 

With the launch of Home Dweller, these meaningful influences have combined to create a brand that truly embraces the ethos that there’s no place like home.

Felicia Gibson

Bambambu is twin sisters, Michelle and Danielle, with a shared passion for design stemming from growing up in tropical 70’s Singapore, watching too many old movies on a Saturday afternoon and a deep love of soul, ska and rocksteady cultivated in the 1980’s. We love a bit of a mash up of graphic styles and cultural references with a fresh subtropical twist. We are strongly influenced by modernism, Australiana and multiculturalism!

Now in our third year producing Australian designed, printed and manufactured cushion covers and tea towels on natural fabrics using the state of the art technology.

Our organic cotton and hemp cushion fabric is digitally printed in Melbourne for us using what is considered the most eco-friendly process. However we try to keep things as local as possible, designing and manufacturing in Brisbane as well as producing a range of hand screen printed tea towels.

Michelle and Danielle

Textiles and homewares designed and printed by Josie Annear. Slower Dawn is the celebration of a slower pace of life and a slower approach to designing. Designs are hand painted and screen printed on ethically sourced linen, hemp and organic cotton meaning no two works are ever the same. Focusing on origins and process, all works are made with sustainability and ethical responsibilities kept in mind. Designs are drawn from Josie’s personal memories, experiences of nature and travel in foreign cultures. 

The current collection, Totem is about connecting with dreams, mythologies and archetypal imagery, examining the hidden depths of consciousness, rituals and imagination. It is the story of a primitive past that is still very much alive in the modern world. 

This collection has been named after places in the remote East Sunda Island of Sumba, where Josie recently traveled. Here, the people still practice the cultures and religions of their ancestors and the past and present seem to have fused. Sumba is also one of the last remaining places on earth where Animism is still practiced as the main religion. Untamed and visually breathtaking, it is an island still wrapped in mystery, rituals and traditions.

Josie is a recent graduate from a Masters in Textile Design at the Whitehouse Institute of Design. She now combine freelance work with designing and creating textiles for Slower Dawn.

Josie Annear

I have been designing fabrics for over 25 years. I aim to create timeless styles which my childhood, spent near the Australian coast, conspired to flavour with vibrant pattern, fresh colours and a unique sense of scale. I have never been afraid to create a statement and my mid-century upbringing still pervades my creations, giving them a natural strength, happiness and optimism.

Designing and printing my own fabrics has always been part of my life, using the skills from my background that includes a variety of design disciplines. My design career started with iconic glassware manufacturer Crown Corning as a surface/pattern designer, where I produced designs for everything from cocktail glasses to cookware and packaging. I then moved to the Sydney advertising, travel and promotions world before becoming Art Director of Woman’s Day in the late 1980s. A sea change to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in 1991 gave me the freedom to experiment with fabric printing and upholstery design.

Current range

The Contempo range is inspired by the modernist interiors of the 1950s. A style which has been brought up to date with fresh colourways and large scale pattern – these designs are definitely created to make a statement. 

Vibrant pattern, fresh colours and a new sense of scale give the fabrics a presence and life previously unavailable.

This range is a comfortable fit for contemporary interiors and is the perfect accompaniment to today’s love affair with modernism.

And of course, like all Social Fabric fabrics, Contempo is 100% designed and printed in Australia.

Lynne Tanner

Julie Paterson is a painter, printmaker and designer of textiles. She owns a small fabric company called Cloth that she set up more than 20 years ago. She works with a small team who loves what they do, making textiles the old fashioned way, naturally, all by hand.

She has written a book about her creative process and she runs workshops to get people to connect with their own creativity. Julie believes that the secret to a happy life is to embrace the imperfect and be kind to ourselves. And that it’s good to play the ukulele.

Julie Paterson

Studio Onethirty is a bespoke collection of fabrics, furniture and furnishings based in Sydney. Created by Sarah Kalidis in 2016, the studio is the result of a lifetime passion for design and all things handmade. The result is a playful mix of products that are influenced by the tactile materials Sarah has worked with in the past.

“My aesthetic is bold and playful, and I love to draw representations of the natural environment in my textiles”. Being an art enthusiast and artist has certainly played a role in conceptualising Sarah’s designs. Picasso is one influential artist whose works were an inspiration for her debut collection. ‘Maya’, ‘Paloma’ and ‘Claude’; all names of Picasso’s children, are aptly names of Studio Onethirty’s textile designs.

Each one of Sarah’s textile designs are based on her original drawings. “I love watching the transition from pencil to paper, through to upholstery fabric for furniture. My designs are typically created here in my studio, however I do like to spend time sketching outdoors in the garden, and you will find many of my textile patterns are inspired by natural foliage”.

Designed and printed in Australia.

Sarah Kalidis

Cass Deller Design was established in March, 2013.
Originating in Brisbane, Cass began her heart-centred design practice from her love of modern design, abstract watercolour illustration and hand lettering.  The Cass Deller Design Studio has now found it’s home on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, a special place where Cass is drawn to from years of family holidays. Cass’s distinct coastal vibe is inspired by her tropical surroundings, hot summer days, and the Queensland beach lifestyle.

Cass and her team collaborate with couples and big-hearted brands to create bespoke designs using both traditional graphic design and beautiful illustrative techniques. Her skills are multi-disciplinary, allowing her to produce a beautiful variety of work from wedding stationery to brand identities through to exclusive textile designs and everything in between.

Cass approaches every project and collaboration wholeheartedly, and ensures that communitcation is key throughout the entire design and delivery process. Cass prides herself in developing long lasting relationships with her valued couples and clients, therefore building a strong foundation and knowledge of their design needs to ensure they are supported as they grow together.

Designed and printed in Australia.

Cass Deller

Jennifer Wurrkidj is a highly regarded textile artist who has been working at Bábbarra Designs since 2007. Her print designs often feature bush foods and food-collecting and reference the activities of ancestor beings and the ceremonial sites of her homeland, Mumeka.

Jennifer works at Bábbarra Women’s Centre alongside other members of her family who are also accomplished artists: her mother, Helen Lanyinwanga, and sister Deborah Wurrkidj. She is a daughter of Australia’s most highly acclaimed bark painter, John Mawurndjul, and she is renowned, in her own right, for her bark paintings, hollow logs and carved sculptures. Jennifer’s artwork has been exhibited throughout Australia and her textile art is in the collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Jennifer is a Kuninjku artist from the Kurulk clan whose country lies around the outstation of Mumeka in central Arnhem Land. This image depicts important man-me (food) from freshwater environments on Jennifer’s country and the implements used to gather these items. The kun-karninj or digging stick is used to dig for wayuk (waterlily) roots called burdbarrk, which are eaten fresh from the water or cooked on an open fire.

The kun-karninj is also used to find and dig freshwater kormdaw (turtles) that hibernate on the floodplains during the dry season. Various fish species including the bilmu (barramundi), as shown here, are hunted with a spear or trapped inside a woven fish trap. This man-me is carried within kun-madj (dillybags), which are woven with fibres from the pandanus tree, kun-dayarr.

Fabric purchased from one of Babbarra’s approved retailers – Publisher Textiles in Leichhardt, Sydney.

Jennifer Wurrkidj

Botanic Print House (BPH) is an e-business offering handcrafted textiles and home decor, founded by Sydney based artist Bridget Diggins. Inspired and influenced by her childhood memories when her grandmother taught her how to press flowers, all designs use real-pressed flowers that are then digitally enhanced and printed onto high quality and eco-friendly fabrics. Thus, all products are made with high quality, ecologically friendly materials sourced within Australia.

Further, customers have the option to customise the product to meet their own personal requirements for their house, as Bridget understands that not all designers can develop the perfect product for every customer. These factors combined differentiate BPH from its competitors to offer a premium product to the consumer that delivers quality, heritage and the ability to customise.

Bridget Diggins

As far back I can remember, I’ve always loved creating things with my hands and the process of painting, sculpting and drawing. As a young boy I’d often play with clay from the earth and enjoyed the organic and tactile ability to invent anything that came to mind. I harness a real passion for being creative as it personally brings gratification knowing my works give joy to others; which harness purpose and meaning from the illustrations and significance of the shapes themselves along with that I genuinely put my heart in to each piece as I create.

I think it’s important that we all share what we are proud of – for me, it’s my creative works.

Often I am asked where I draw on for inspiration. My love for travel and exploring other cultures and their hand-made communities really opens your eyes and mind to adapting new techniques and discovering materials to introduce in to your own work; an endless evolution to shaping your individual style. I seek out natural materials to assemble a majority of my work from beads and fibres to communicate a love for nature which endlessly elevates me for use of colour and textures. As an artist, I believe the creative community all have something to share with other like minded and naturally find other Australian artists and those afar very enriching.

My creativity does not just end with making art and objects, I have a background in the creative arts and photography – so I too enjoy styling and taking images of my product as much as I do creating them to forge a storytelling which refines my style and brand, while reflecting my personality.

As for this creative journey, it’s only just begun – I’m looking forward to sharing so much more as I grow in to the person I’m still learning so much about.

Love, Aaron.