We love custom making lampshades!

Existing shades

We can refurbish or renovate your existing lampshades to give them a new lease of life.

Make new

We can make a brand new shade for you with new materials.

Information we need to help us supply a price

Things that affect pricing

Custom lampshade in green with fringing

Custom lampshade in green with fringing

Whether renovating an existing lampshade or making a brand new one we’ll need to know a few things before we can provide a price to you. Here’s a list (not all will apply):

Type of shade

  • Soft shade – typically these are made around a frame and have a fabric lining as well as the feature fabric on the outside. They may stitched in panels or they can be gathered or pleated.
  • Hard back shade – these are the most common and are made by bonding fabric to a lampshade PVC (sometimes known as styrene or lampshade paper) and then attaching the fabric to a set of rings.

Shape of shade

  • Drum shape – a cylinder shape with vertical sides
  • Empire shape – a tapered shape where the top ring is smaller than the bottom ring
  • Rounded rectangle shape
  • Other – could be an oval, a square, hexagonal, etc.

Edge treatment

  • Plain rolled edge
  • Self bias trim
  • Decorative trim

Condition of the frame/rings

  • Does it need re-painting
  • Does it need straightening or re-shaping

What is supplied

  • Fabric
  • Trim (if needed)


Do you have a delivery time in mind? Most custom shades take between 2 and 3 weeks.

Custom made goose neck shades

Other things to consider

Custom lampshade in gold

Custom lampshade rejuvenation


If the shade is not one of our standard sizes (we have over 60) then we’ll need to create a new design. Often this requires building a test shade before we make the final product. If you would like us to make a shade to your specific dimensions then we’ll need to know:

  • Top diameter
  • Bottom diameter
  • Vertical height
  • Lamp holder offset (distance between the lamp holder and the bottom or top of the shade)


If you can’t pick up from us then we can ship it to you. However, while we shop around to get the best prices, the cost of freight in Australia is increasing. Also, we charge a packing fee to make sure your shade arrives in pristine condition.

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