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Ministry of Handmade has enjoyed media coverage since our beginning in 2012. And we are always happy to talk about the impact that handmade can have on the environment, the health of the planet and, indeed, the health of the inhabitants!

Recently, we have developed the ModularME Sewing System as an antidote to Fast Fashion.

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Which leads us to this media page. From time to time we are featured in the media; sometimes a small article; sometimes something more substantial. Every time, though, the questions and observations are not so much about the tangible things we help people to make but more about the benefits of making something with your own hands, the contentment in slowing down, the boost in self-worth you feel and the relaxation you gain from doing something creative.

There is no denying that there is a world-wide move into slowing down, contemplating and being centred. We believe that handmade is a part of that journey. In essence, it is what makes us who we are.

Listen to Julie speak during an ABC interview (July 2015) with Jess Hinchliffe:

Enjoy reading some of the articles . . . click on the green tabs to reveal the stories.

Ministry of Handmade on TV

We are thrilled to have been recently featured on Channel 7’s lifestyle program “The Great Day Out”. Above is a snippet of the full program.

Thank you Channel 7 Brisbane for featuring Ministry of Handmade! For the full program please visit:

> The Great Day Out

Julie's Interview 27 January 2018

Weekender: Learn to sew and create handmade craft

Did you grow up with your mum or grandmother sewing your shorts or knitting your jumpers? Hand-sewn clothes are making a comeback. Julie Hillier Founder of Ministry of Handmade spoke to Clinton Maynard.

You can listen to the entire segment (20 minutes – includes Julie, Clinton Maynard and others) from the Radio Station here:

> Talking Lifestyle Radio

Or you can listen to just Julie’s 5 minute excerpt right here:

Sewing and repairing clothing at home no longer deemed ‘daggy’.

Julie and one of our wonderful students (and now friend) Jenni were interviewed by Hailey Renault of ABC News Brisbane in our studio.

Thanks Jenni for your time and your most appreciated support!

This was a follow up session after Julie was interviewed live on ABC Radio (with Leon Compton about the value of learning to sew) on Friday 5 January.

You can read the complete article here:

Photo by Hailey Renault (ABC)

ABC Radio BrisbaneJulie was interviewed by ABC Radio Brisbane as part of their Summer Mornings “Learn Something New” segment. The topic was about learning to sew and that sewing is the new black. Julie covered the steps required to start your sewing journey and the accompanying personal benefits of joy, self esteem, confidence and the extra value that made-by-hand items bring.

Ministry of Handmade has an article featured in Queensland Homes online magazine. As we launch our Art Series of Ottomans it is great to see this wonderful magazine getting behind Queensland’s small business community.

See the Queensland Homes article

Julie featured in the “Slow Clothing Project: 40 garments in 40 weeks” as the first garment makers. This is an article by Kerri Harris on slowing down the fast fashion epidemic. The Slow Clothing Project is the brainchild of Jane Milburn of Textile Beat.

See the ABC article

BNE Magazine featured Ministry of Handmade in their article called “Long live handmade”. The article showcases three Brisbane businesses catering to the desire for handmade goods. Julie’s interview is the first of the three. The feature appears on pages 10 and 11.

See the two-page spread.

Wow! What an honour.

Julie was asked to speak at the Carindale Library in conjunction with the launch of the movie “The Dressmaker”. The event was well attended and the response was fantastic.

It is great to see such an interest in the handmade craft of dressmaking. We are sure the movie will do well at the box office.

Creative Brisbane: Q&A with The Ministry of Handmade

An interview with Julie by Elizabeth Santillan (photos by Tina Bechly) about the background of Ministry of Handmade and some creative insights.

View the Q&A at Walk Among The Homes

PDF copy of the Q&A

Ministry of Handmade - ABC interview 17 July 2015Jess Hinchliffe from the ABC interviewed Julie and put together a wonderful article that appears on ABC News online and also on the 612 ABC Brisbane website. The recording of the interview was played at 11:15am on Saturday 18 July on 612 ABC Brisbane.

See article on ABC website

Sew you can make it yourself. A great article about Julie and the “Handmade not manufactured” design revolution. The article is a two-page spread (pages 16 and 17). You can view the original article through

Sunday Mail Homemade Section p61 Feature on Ministry of Handmade making lampshadesHomemade section. Lampshades! This was an awesome piece of media coverage for us. Nearly a full page. We really appreciate Carly Hennessy’s focus on Homemade and the exposure she has brought to our business.

find-handmade-article 17 April 2014Brendan Murphy came to our studio and interviewed Julie for an article to include in his website where he promotes people that are passionate about handmade.

Brisbane News article about Ministry of HandmadeBrisbane’s premier weekly lifestyle magazine. Ministry of Handmade and Julie featured on a two-page spread about craft and the philosophy of slowing down and accomplishing something that builds your self-worth.

The feature appears on pages 12 and 13.

Read the article

The Joynery article - homepageJulie featured on the home page and had a brilliant article written about Ministry of Handmade.

Read the article

Map Magazine - Julie from Ministry of Handmade - bio Map Magazine interviewed Julie for their Village Neighbourhood section. This small article appears on page 12.

Article in Map Magazine

Bayside Star Article - Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor of Brisbane with Julie promoting Article in Bayside Star on 19 June 2013 with Graham Quirk Lord Mayor of Brisbane to celebrate “Saviours of the Lost Arts”.

Article celebrating 100 Days of Handmade appeared in the “HOMEGROUND” section on page 63 of the Sunday Mail, written by Carly Hennessy.

See the article

Tickle the Imagination magazine : two page spread on Ministry of HandmadeThis online magazine gave Ministry of Handmade’s first double-page spread on pp154-155. It’s the Creative Escapes feature in this issue.

Check out Tickle the Imagination

See an image of the article

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