Monochromatic Mishap!

Those who know me well, fully recognise that I love colour! But last winter when I spied these fabulous Sportscraft houndstooth trousers on sale, I couldn’t resist. I usually make all my own clothes but a pair of well made tailored trousers on sale will see me grabbing my purse. I viewed these pants as an investment and saw myself wearing them for years to come.

Now that the weather has cooled down a bit in Brisbane I decided to wear them and as I pulled them on, the words “NOOO, can’t be, what the and seriously” as well as a loud groan tumbled out of my mouth!!! They were too tight… not around the waist or my butt but my calves!!! First world problem I know, but it was caused by swimming! I have never really been a sporty person but have fallen in love with doing laps at the local pool and it has changed my body shape!! What was a girl to do but whip them off, turn them inside out and see how much seam allowance there was? Fortunately there was enough for me to let them out from the mid thigh to the hem so that they would fit again.

Yay!… my monochromatic outfit lives on. Imagine if I couldn’t sew… my houndstooth pants would have languished in the wardrobe or been gifted to a friend with thinner calves!!! (Editor’s note… having struggled with my weight for about half of my life and altering lots of clothes so that they would accommodate a weight gain, believe me, it feels really weird to post about a clothing alteration because the muscles in my legs grew!!!)