Paint Couture!

For all the lovely textiles that I work with and that people bring to workshops, I must admit that I have a real soft spot for the design on my favourite painting clothes! It is a design created at random, layer on layer built up over years of painting jobs. Different colours remind me of different painting projects, some of my own and others belonging to family or friends.

This afternoon I have been helping my daughter and son-in-law finish off the makeover of their kitchen. Lauren and Josh are prepping their house to sell and they have been working like the proverbial drover’s dogs! They have lifted vinyl, removed a zillion pesky little rusty staples, polished the floor boards, painted the cupboards, recoated the tiles (they look like new), transformed the rangehood and built timber shelving!!

It is looking amazing….and I was excited to be able to help. You know you love renovating houses when you offer your assistance to others!!