Our new budget birdbath for our remodelled backyard! We are next to a park and back onto bush so we have lots of birdlife all around us. I was keen to make a birdbath to provide water for the birds on hot days and also add some interest to the garden. The base is an upturned wire basket that was originally threaded and wrapped in banana leaf. I bought it years ago on a clearance in Target.

Over the years, the banana leaf got tired and worn so I removed it and then the basket sat outside for ages getting rusty. Maurice has dug the base of it into the ground to make it stable and then this morning I gave it a quick lick of paint with some outdoor paint that has been in the paint cupboard for about 15 years. In a few weeks a bit of the rust will break through the paint, I’m sure and then it will have a nice aged look.

The glazed terracotta bath section is new… Maurice picked it up on a clearance at Bunnings for $10! The outside perimeter of the basket is planted with Liriope which will look fabulous when it has grown a bit and spread to make a complete circle that hopefully sneaks into the inside of the basket frame. Birdbath ☑️