French Style!

This morning I helped Laetitia upholster the top of one of her dining chairs. In the last lesson, two weeks ago, we upholstered the seat. Laetitia has recently arrived in Brisbane with her family from France. They brought this set of four dining chairs with them but the linen covering was worn and needed replacing. Laetitia is an art teacher and so her fabric choices were very considered and quite fabulous!!!

With two small girls, she chose @warwickfabrics Lustrell Brushstroke in Onyx which is practical and wipeable material and perfect for the seats. The backs are done in @warwickfabrics Kandinsky Leaf on the front and Kandinsky Calypso on the reverse. Laetitia had only brought a short length of gimp (the black braid in the photo) to see if it was suitable so we were unable to finish the chair, but she will do that at home as well as completely upholster the other three chairs. This was a fun project and I really enjoyed working with her.