Time for wadding and foam!

This morning I have prepped the ottoman frames for the workshop this afternoon by glueing on the foam pads and stitching a wadding cover. To get the materials we have to climb up the ladder to our mezzanine storage area in the main studio space. We built this storage rack in October last year as part of the update to the studio. The ceiling of the room is lined on the rake and so there was lots of empty space just begging to be used. Previously the foam, wadding and cushion inserts had been squished in cupboards and in the laundry.

Now it is all in one place and we can easily see what we have on hand. The mezzanine structure was designed and built by us using pieces of ply laminated together with glue to create the beams, some brackets from Bunnings that we spray painted black and some metal garden trellis. The goal was to build a simple lightweight-looking structure that didn’t overpower the room but was sufficiently strong enough to store all the bulky upholstery items.