The site supervisor is back!

Reggie loves overseeing the makeover of the entry courtyard. Progress is a little slow but we are getting there!! This project basically involves gutting the entry courtyard before the fun part of rebuilding can begin. We have been unsure of what the new design will look like and took the decision to pull nearly everything out before committing to a detailed plan for the rebuild. (Can’t empty it completely because when you run a business from home, folks need to be able to get to the front door!) I really wanted to see the area reasonably empty of vegetation and the existing timber walkway and screen to get a real feel for the space.

Ideas are starting to percolate well and this morning we further developed some exciting concepts after a trip to Bunnings yesterday afternoon to look at potential materials. With Easter just around the corner, we’ll have a few clear days to get this project done. Yay!!