when you make an island in the middle of your living room with all the furniture and lamps and pictures from the wall and plants and curtains it must be painting day!! Painting this room has been on my agenda for several months now and I am excited to have started. Now that the website is done it is full steam ahead on finishing the makeover on this room. We rebuilt and recovered the couch over Easter and then a month or so later I recovered the TV chairs and then made the cushions. The curtains were done last week (see Day 1). I have to just finish off the painting and upholster another chair and the makeover is complete!! I am painting with Dulux Natural White 1/2 strength after experimenting with a few other colours in another room. This is the same colour when used in the main studio when we repainted it in October. Those who know me well know that painting rooms is one of my favourite things to do… so I am in my happy place. Maurice found an awesome play list on Spotify… currently listening to the strains of ELO!