Last minute Wrangler Shirt Makeover!

My 29 y.o. son, James, loves loud shirts!!! He ordered a few new ones from USA and when they arrived, shock/horror they were the wrong size!!! ???

One in particular he wanted to wear this Friday night for his pop-up art show at The New Globe Theatre in Fortitude Valley. Mum to the rescue…… he came for dinner last night and after a wonderful lamb roast, I set about resizing the shirt. Project done… the shirt is now about two sizes smaller and looks fabulous.

The fabric is awesome and really pushes the boundaries. It is described as Indian Aztec Cowboy Vintage!! The lighting was no good to take a decent photo last night, so the task was left till this morning. This pic taken of him sitting in the car, hence the seat belt in the background. I was late back from my walk and we had to quickly jump in the car….had to do a bit of “bus chasing” this morning so that he could get to the city in time for work.

Yes, he wore the new shirt to work today and will give it a wash before tomorrow night!! I love spending time with my kids!!!