Recycled Denim Apron!

I’ve just spent a wonderful afternoon with Jane Milburn @textilebeat prototyping a denim apron for a workshop at Makers Escape Montville, our creative workshop retreat being held in May. Jane will be running this great workshop, leading people step-by-step through several options for turning old jeans into a new usable product. A sustainability consultant with a national reputation, Jane will create the opportunity in the workshop to explore different materials and techniques. This apron was made from the leg of the jeans and includes hand stitching (we will also have sewing machines in the workshop), recycled crossover leather straps attached to metal rivets and patch pockets from a different pair of jeans.

Other workshops at Makers Escape include creative embroidery, wood block printing, macrame, basket coiling, quilt blocking, resin jewellery, resin art, crochet string baskets, brush script and lampshades. All the details are the Makers Escape page.