5/100: 100 Days of Making: The New Year seems to create lots of motivation for people to have a tidy up/sort out. Maybe it’s the thought of a fresh start coupled with a few days off from the normal routine. Anyway, in a bit of a tidy up of my own I found some games and puzzles from when our kids were little, as well as this Junior Scrabble game that was my husband’s when he was a child. It came all the way from England with Maurice’s family when they emigrated in 1970.

Maurice used to play this with his younger sister who tragically died far too young, forty years ago this year. I can’t part with this game but thought it deserved more than to sit in the cupboard for any more time. In a flash of inspiration I have decided today to turn this into an artwork that celebrates family. I’ve started playing with the words with FAMILY in the middle. Once I am happy with the layout, I’ll glue the letters in place and then have the board framed to hang on the wall.