100 Days of Making - #50Japanese Silk Wall Hanging

We have a narrow strip of wall at the end of a hallway that leads to our bedrooms and I have always wanted to hang something there that had a some real impact. While I was sorting some fabric last week I found this piece of silk that someone had given me years ago. It is old and has little holes here and there which ruled out using it in a garment.

100 Days of Making - #50In a flash of inspiration I knew it was perfect for a wall hanging at the end of the hall. It is exactly the right proportions and echoed other colours throughout the house, particularly the yellow which is one of our “signature” colours. This morning we cut a scrap of 6mm MDF to the right size and stapled the silk to it from the back. We also put a piece of thin white linen between the fabric and the board to help the white tones in fabric pop a little as the silk is not super thick. We attached some string to the back of the MDF using staples. Such a quick and easy project and I am over the moon with the end result!!!

We visited Japan 10 years ago and most of our souvenirs were ceramics so it will be lovely to look at this piece of fabric on a daily basis and be reminded of a beautiful holiday.