Simple Linen Top:

I love finding a sewing pattern that suits your figure and using it over and over again with changes here and there to create new styles. It makes sewing for yourself faster when you know you have the fit sorted! This top is made from a dress pattern that I have used several times, most recently when I stitched another white linen crop top that I wear with my maxi skirts.

This time I just cut it longer and attached a double thickness border piece so it would hang nicely. The little sleeve is from another pattern and I have lost count of how many times I’ve used it… just love its shape and how easy it is to insert. The neckline and sleeves are edged with bias strips made from the same fabric. This is a fast and easy technique and does away with facings and hems.

I’m already thinking of different ways to add interest to the bottom border by piecing different fabrics and also adding top stitching. Seriously, now that I have the sizing sorted, I could make another one of these in about two hours… one of the benefits of reusing good ‘ol faithful patterns and just changing the detailing so that it looks like a different pattern. For those who are following the, 100daysofmaking blog, I am wearing the necklace from Day 34.