Work in progress… I am making a single bed quilt for my granddaughter Aubrey’s second birthday in March.

So far I have cut most of the fabric and done lots of piecing and now it is all spread out on our spare queen size bed. It’s been there for a week and every now and then I go in and play with the arrangement of the colours and patterns…..rearranging here and there…You can’t rush these things and I like to let it “just swill around” until I am happy with everything.

My daughter, Lauren is helping with the “swilling ” process too as she has a great eye for shapes and colours. Already we have removed all the pieces made with one particular fabric as it just didn’t fit into the scheme very well at all. Some fabrics we love and will include a few more of, others we may reduce in quantity. Today I have done a bit more rearranging and stood and admired a few fabrics in particular.

Most of the coloured pieces are from Cotton and Steel and my favourites (and I think potentially Aubrey’s too) are the bears, the baa lambs and the quirky little funny faces. ?