Retro Stool Rescue!!

This was such a quick easy makeover. Yesterday this stool was quite unremarkable… rusty metal legs, tired and worn yellow vinyl upholstery and a wobbly seat. Today it is looking so spiffy I could hug it!!!

My process was:

  1. Remove seat and take off old upholstery.
  2. Sand the metal frame.
  3. Spray the frame with two coats of gloss black spray paint.
  4. Scour the stash for a piece of suitably bright and graphic fabric with a retro vibe. Found a scrap of Marimekko fabric left from another project, yay!!!
  5. Trace a pattern for the new cover.
  6. Cut, stitch and top stitch the cover.
  7. Staple the new cover in place.
  8. Staple dust cover to base of seat.
  9. Reattach seat.
  10. Happy dance ?!!

In total this project cost me $15 which was the original cost of the stool… everything else I had on hand.