Ensuring that “making” words are part of our vocabulary from the very beginning!

Today I made pikelets with my daughter and granddaughter using a recipe passed down from my maternal grandmother. That makes Aubrey the fifth generation in our family to be part of our pikelet tradition. In a world where “making by hand” is fast disappearing, I think it is imperative that children are taught from an early age, not only the words that describe making, but also the joy and sense of achievement that come from taking tools and materials and creating something new. Aubrey delighted in stirring the pikelet mixture in the bowl and pouring her own pikelet. Mind you, she has already had plenty of practice as banana pancakes are the Saturday breakfast of choice at their place!! As a side note, pikelet making was a big deal when I was a child and is one of my favourite memories.

My mum was famous for her pikelets and when we were “asked to bring a plate”, what everyone wanted was some of Mrs Francis’s pikelets. For those interested, here is the recipe: 12 heaped tablespoons of SR flour, 6 tablespoons of raw sugar (I now use less), pinch salt, 1 level teaspoon bicarb soda. Mix these together then add 2 beaten eggs and 1 cup of milk while stirring. This should be a nice smooth consistency. Heat your pan on medium heat, melt a small amount of butter and spread across the base of the pan. Drop in spoonfuls of the pikelet mix and flip them over when there are lots of bubbles. (At this stage the cooked surface should look golden.) Cook the second side until the edges start to look golden and then remove from the pan.

Enjoy with butter and jam or jam and cream!!