Necklace Mash-up!

This afternoon I have been playing with two necklaces… the bits and pieces at the top of the first photo were part of a necklace that I have had for years but not worn in a while because a few of the components were broken. The necklace at the bottom is new and I hadn’t worn it. I love the resin pieces (all my favourite colours together) but wasn’t fond of the copper links as I realised after I had bought it that they would tarnish quickly and mark the fabric of whatever I was wearing. The simple fix was to pull the two necklaces apart, swap out the copper for the links from the other necklace as well as adding in a few of the metal rings as well.

This took me about 15 minutes with very simple tools: a pair of regular pliers, a pair of long nose pliers and a dob of Aquadhere QuickSet. I love the finished result and now I’m motivated to see what other jewellery I can revamp!