In the garden…managed to grab this pic before I headed in from the rain this morning.

As part of our landscaping project in the backyard, we have just made a ramp for easy access for the wheelbarrow from our new games lawn to the lower part of the garden. We wanted to create a beach boardwalk look by recycling some old garden edging. (This edging was originally CCA treated pine sleepers cut in half longways.)

Everything about this is actually recycled or gifted …good for the bottom line and keeping the project budget on track. The plants are all relocated from other areas or from cuttings and all the Liriopes were gifted by my sister after she had a garden tidy up. The granite rocks were donated by a friend and we even made our own mulch by shredding the hundreds of fronds that regularly fall from our massive collection of golden cane palm trees. The extra soil we required came from our soil factory…kitchen scraps and plant waste lovingly composted by our chickens ?!!

Super happy with the finished result and I look forward to the plants growing and softening the look of the timber edge in time.