Second Chance Cushion!

This little number is made of totally recycled materials, even the zip! The two orange fabrics are both salvaged from dodgy old TV chairs that I found on kerbsides. All the cushion fabric on both chairs was faded and worn but on both chairs, the piece of fabric that runs vertically down the back was in ok condition…. it never gets sat on and is less likely to fade.

I love orange and couldn’t bear to toss the fabric out so into the cupboard it went after I had washed it. My theatrical side wonders if both pieces chatted to the other and shared stories about where they had been and what they had seen and sighed gladly that they had been saved from the bin!!! The two pieces go together so well and I love it that one is floral and the other plain but heavily textured. I think they are made for each other!!!

The orange zip which you can’t see was in my zip drawer. It had been saved from a very faded scatter cushion cover that I tossed out. Zips rarely wear out and can easily be reused! I’m loving my new cushion that is fresh off the sewing machine. It tones in well with my living room that has a retro vibe but I think I will have to hide it from my sister @gingercurlgirl who is addicted to orange and also has a retro styled living room!!!