Community Quilt Project.

Monday is usually a fairly quiet day here. We are a workshop based business and so work most week-ends. Today I am feeling “good” tired which means that I am weary from getting things done and working on projects that I love. Last week was a big one… getting the Makers Escape Montville website ready to accept registrations this week. So this afternoon I have plonked myself down on the day bed on the verandah to enjoy the late afternoon with a nice quiet little project for a bit…..snipping!

Over the last few years, a fabulous group of volunteers has helped stitch rag quilts that we donate to women’s shelters. Most of the fabric and thread have been generously donated. Once the stitching is done, all the raw edges get snipped before the quilts are washed several times to make the edges fray into a lovely chenille-like finish. This quilt will be one of the first ones finished in 2017.

We will be running more quilt sewing sessions over the next few months. If you would like to be involved , please let us know.