Apple Pin Cushion!

This is a lovely way to use up scrap fabric and a nice “slow” and portable project if you choose to stitch it by hand. The first one of these that I made about four years ago was stitched on the machine, but this one and a couple of others I started stitching by hand while on a road trip last year. (I love to be able to craft in the car and when on holidays.)

I have finished this one off quickly today to gift to a friend, having stitched up the final side seam on the machine before attaching the felt leaf and stalk by hand. It is stuffed with polyester wadding (did that the night before last while watching a bit of TV!) with a layer of rice in the bottom to make it heavier and give it a solid base. All the fabric pieces are backed with iron-on interfacing to make them more rigid.

What a fun way to store your pins!!!