Wardrobe audit continues! This is just about the loveliest dress I have ever bought. It is at least eight years old (maybe older). I purchased it at The Works at Chermside. It wasn’t cheap but is beautifully made using very good quality cotton that has lasted well and hardly faded. (This could also be because it has never been hung in the sun to dry. All my good garments are line dried outside but under cover.)

It fits like a glove and couldn’t have been a better fit if I’d made it myself!! I just LOVE the colours. So this dress was a good investment… even though it was more than I would normally spend, the cost per wear has been low because I have worn it so many times.

However, the style had dated a bit and it had been sidelined because it didn’t feel quite so nice… my taste has changed. So I decided to simply restyle it and now it is on my favourites list again. It is perfect for this hot humid weather as it is very cool to wear.

So what did I do to it? It is now 13cms shorter than it was and the skirt is nowhere near as full. It is a 12 gore design and I took quite a bit of fullness out of each panel to slim the silhouette at the bottom. Not a complicated task… about two hours of my time to refashion a dress I wasn’t wearing at all.