The transformative power of paint! I like to think of our home as a work in progress. Friends often comment that nothing ever stays the same at our place!!!

This morning I screwed these cupboard doors back into place (there are actually eight of them and three big drawers). I have repainted them bit by bit over the last three days using Dulux Natural White 1/2 strength in semigloss enamel. They were a darker sort of beige colour and a bit tired looking after years of wear. (When we first installed the bench and cupboards 20 years ago, the doors were lime washed timber and the top was stained a dark teal colour. It has since been sheeted with ply and stained walnut.)

The doors are now the same colour as the walls and everything is looking so freeesh!!! In the foreground you can see the cushion cover from Day 6 and the curtains from Day 1. Other handmade items include the other cushion, the couch, the lampshade and the shelving unit.