It begins today!

Four years ago when we first started Ministry of Handmade, I did a similar thing called 100 Days of Handmade. It was fabulous for helping me personally stay in a creative space and I loved the discipline.

So here we go again!! Today I finished two sets of full length curtains for our living room. They are light and breezy and filmy and I love them. These new curtains replace others that were much darker in colour and rubber backed… the old curtains really made the room feel dark even when they were open but were great for cutting the light through our huge glass windows when the boys were teenagers and loved watching TV!! I recycled some of the curtain tape and rings where possible as this was to be a low cost project.

The fabric is IKEA curtains that I joined together to make 1.5 drops for each end. These cost a total of $45.00. I’ve used these curtains before… they are poly/cotton and have a great texture. So happy this is finished… the room feels so different. Just need to repaint in a lighter colour and it will be done!!