My heart is bursting!!!

Session 3 of Makers Escape Montville is underway! We have 31 fabulous ladies who have been sewing, painting, wood block printing, embroidering, making lampshades, pouring resin, weaving macrame cord and coiling baskets.

Such a beautiful warm friendly group of people who have trusted us to create a week-end escape for them where they could switch off, learn, relax, make new friends, laugh, unlock their creative potential and breath!! Maurice and I are so thrilled to have been able to create an event that lifts people’s spirits and feeds them on so many levels. We have been ably assisted by a fabulous team of family, friends and tutors who have been generous and caring.

I feel that this is an apt closure to our 100 Days of Making, watching ten women coiling baskets on the village green in Montville, under the instruction of Rene Bahloo from the Sunshine Coast. The quaint St Mary’s Hall in the background is one of our workshop and meal venues… I hear laughter and conversation, I see smiles and faces of concentration and I sense wonder and joy and contentment.