//97 lampshade yarn bombLight stopped play!//

I have wanted to yarn bomb this lampshade for a while now and today was the day. It was to be my Day 97. But it had to be a budget project –  the shade cost $5.00 from a secondhand shop and I had set a challenge not to spend any more money on it! I found a bag of odds and ends of wool that someone had given me…perfect!

I set about wrapping and twisting and looping using a mix of brights and neutrals. The ends of each piece of yarn aren’t trimmed off yet….haven’t decided if I might leave them just like they are. It is not quite finished, as time got away and I was keen to photograph this in the lovely soft light of the late afternoon. Light, literally, stopped play.

I will finish it off, most probably repeating some of the colours that have already been used.