//Needed a new home//Handmade_89

Dumped and dirty, lost and lonely!

I found this chair on a kerbside clean-up. It had a completely broken back leg held on with insulating tape. The upholstery was filthy and worn (the dark fabric on the seat). But I loved the shape of it and couldn’t leave it to be tossed away.

Maurice is used to me saying “Stop the car!” So into the back of the car it went and came home with us for a new life! (I have a habit of doing this.)

First step was to remove the old fabric. Second step was to take the chair to my Dad who completely replaced the broken back leg and then stained it to match the rest of the wood.

Third step..cut a pattern from the original fabric so that I could recover it. I chose an ochre coloured denim. I am part way through the process and have stopped for a while because it is a great conversation starter just the way it is. And helpful, I think, to show people what goes into upholstering a piece of furniture.

I was brought up to recycle….when I was a child, it wasn’t at all trendy. I am glad it is now!!